Why take a chance that can lead to unhappy customers?

Whether you’re offering wine, beer or soda, from install to delivery Rocor Industries has you covered. We want your product to shine!

We offer what you need to be at your best, with our complete line of beverage-grade gases. Whether it’s CO2 and Nitrogen for your soda or beer, or a specific blend (i.e. nitrogen and CO2 mix) for craft beer and coffee, we always deliver. Rocor is here to provide the right blends, products and tank sizes, to help maximize your pours and increase your sales!

Beverage-grade gases available

-Carbon Dioxide aka CO2, available in 20, 40, or 100 pound cylinders

-Nitrogen, available in 40 cubic foot or 230 cubic foot

-Beer Gas – 25/75 gas – also known as G-Mix or Beer Gas – is a pre-mixed blend containing 25% CO2 and 75% nitrogen in a single cylinder, available in 40 cubic foot

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